Comet Neowise Capturing Tips And Timing

July 18, 2020

NASA says Comet Neowise is the brightest space snowball that has flown from Earth since at least 1997 and is now putting on a show in the night sky, sending optimistic astronomers into the dark.   There are many wonderful images of comets circling the horizon in line just before sunrise or shortly after sunset, […]

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Watchmen season 2 is not as dead as reports say! Nerdist News with Dan Casey

July 16, 2020

Is the second season of “Watchman” really dead? Okay, don’t believe everything. “Watchman” ended his nearly full nine-episode career in late 2019 on HBO, which was equally explosive and personal and open, and we wouldn’t say much about it before the spoiler was warned. But suffice it to say that on a scale of one […]

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