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Sudarshan Pareek is the son of Shri Ravindra Pareek and Smt Manju Pareek. He is an RJ, a podcaster, and voice over artist. He is 32 years old. He is a master of journalism and mass communication. He studied in Rajasthan college. His hometown is Jaipur.

Wiki of Sudarshan pareek
The Red FM network has rolled out its second FM station in Mumbai with a soft launch of the smartly named and branded Redtro One-Oh-Six-point-Chaar FM – Phir Bajao . He is the one in the Rjs who are appointed. Evening drive prime will be driven by  RJ Sudarshan “who will tell you Mumbai’s pulse – what’s trending, every evening.”. It is the show hosted by him.He has also hosted the show called “HUM TUM” which is aired every Monday to Saturday between 2-5pm.

Q & A With Sudarshan pareek

BIRTHDATE February 1

SUN SIGN -Aquarius

HOW I GOT TO BE AN RJ -Always wanted to be

MANTRA IN LIFE – Always be happy and nice to everyone. Have fun. SIMPLE


MOST EMBARRASSING RJ MOMENT – When I was interviewing some politician (can’t name him) and forgot his name in the middle of the interview

WHEN i’m NOT RJ’ING I’M MOST LIKELY TO BE – I m reading and writing

MOST FULFILLING RJ MOMENT- When I received my first award in radio golden mike 2012 

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